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The Art Framing Workshop   

 38 Parsons Street, Banbury

Phone 01295 983281 / 07586430328



Steve Green 2017

Posted on May 21, 2017 at 4:20 PM
JUNE 2017 The Art Framing Workshop is proud to present the work of Steve Green. Steve who lives and works in the area is an active urban artist producing high end art and is respected both in Europe and America. His work has been installed in galleries in London and the United States. His work has been featured on American T.V. and has been used in video footage with popular American band Slipknot - AKA DJ Starscream who has commissioned Steve's work. Steve is a commissioned based artist who has completed work that has been requested worldwide in the discipline that is categorized as 'URBAN ART'. As a boy he immersed himself in the hiphop revolution. He was heavily influenced by the French artist Blek Le Rat, Salvador Dali, Shok 1 and Banksy. The early graffiti explosion continues to be his artistic motivation.