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New Baby Joy

Posted on May 19, 2018 at 4:05 PM
MAKE THE MOST OF THOSE PRECIOUS BABY MEMORIES A new baby brings immeasurable joy not only for the proud parents but for the entire family and their friends. Mementoes and keepsakes from your child's early years are extremely precious, but all too often they get put into a box or album and then placed in a dusty attic never to be seen again. Not only are people missing a wonderful opportunity to do something really creative with their keepsakes, they also risk them getting damaged or deteriorating over time because they haven't been preserved correctly. Michael at The Art Framing Workshop can offer framing advice and services giving you several ideas and tips for displaying those cherished keepsakes. 1. Creative use of photographs Photographs are the most obvious memento that can be framed, but most people will just buy a ready made frame and leave it at that. The correct frame can make a huge difference to a photograph and there are lots of different options in terms of multiple picture frames, shapes and sizes. 2. Clothing A child's first outfit or pair of booties make great keepsakes and can easily be framed using shadowboxes in the same way that you see sports shirts or memorabilia displayed. 3. Personal items Locks of hair, the hospital identity bracelet, hand and footprints, can all be arranged tastefully to create a framed collage of your child's first few weeks. 4. Souvenir Newspapers A nice idea is to buy a newspaper from the day your child is born. If left unframed these will become discoloured and brittle over time. However, with the right materials, they can be preserved for years. 5. The whole family It's not just parents who can benefit, something like a beautifully framed, labelled photograph with the baby's footprint makes a wonderful gift for grandparents or relatives.

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